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Dean of Students, SGA Honor Golden Bears

On Wednesday, April 16, the WVU Tech Student Government Association (SGA) and the office of Student Affairs teamed up to honor members of the Golden Bear community at the second-annual Dean of Students and SGA Awards.

The awards recognize members of the WVU Tech community for their active participation in campus life and their contributions to the overall well-being of WVU Tech.

“I am finishing my fifth year as the Dean of Students at WVU Tech, and I am thrilled by the improvement in the quality of campus life that has occurred during that time,” said WVU Tech Dean of Students Richard Carpinelli. “I am equally thrilled that we can come together tonight to honor some of the best and brightest on our campus.”

WVU Tech students Rami Shamout, Chedli Ben-Hassine and Angel Thompson were each honored with the Dean of Students Outstanding Student Leader award for their participation in student organizations and positive influence on the student body.

The WVU Tech chapter of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority and the WVU Tech chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) were awarded Dean of Students Outstanding Student Organization awards for their contributions to the campus community.

The SGA also recognized WVU Tech employees who have made a significant impact on students. WVU Tech Resident Director Emily Sands was awarded the Outstanding Student Organization Advisor award and Cantrell Miller, Director of Career Services, received the Outstanding Golden Bear award.

“The ceremony is a great opportunity to provide recognition to those outstanding individuals who have given time and demonstrated leadership to the student body,” said SGA President Amy Haddix.

The reception also featured the announcement of SGA election winners. Amy Haddix was re-elected SGA President; Rob Leibel SGA Vice President; and Joel Kauakau, Sydnie Gray, Tavon Johnson, John Swain, Janet Cunningham and Angel Thompson SGA Senators.

Congratulations to all of the honorees. Your dedication and leadership are the reason we truly have such infinite possibilities at WVU Tech.