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International Student Organization Hosts Annual Dinner

The WVU Tech International Student Organization (ISO) will bring the campus community together to share meals from around the world as they host the annual ISO dinner on Thursday, April 17 from 4 – 6 p.m. in the Bears Den.

The event will feature 13 dishes from nine different countries. Students will prepare the meals themselves, introducing dishes such as Brazilian pao de queijo (cheese rolls), Scottish shortbread, Spanish paella, Australian Anzac biscuits, Venezuelan arepa (flat bread) or Virgin Island pea soup. The ISO will also ornament the Bears Den in international decorations and attendees can win prizes by participating in trivia and other activities.

ISO President Joe Jackson said the popular event is an experience both new and nostalgic.

“It reminds international students of the dishes they are familiar with in their home country and it provides a unique taste of different cultures for students who attend the dinner. It’s a big fan favorite and allows students to share a little bit of home,” he said.

In previous years, the ISO hosted the meal in the WVU Tech Ballroom. Bringing the event to the Bears Den will give the group an opportunity to serve more students.

“We hope that by putting on the dinner, students, faculty and staff will be able to have a more global experience,” said WVU Tech Resident Director Michael Sheldon. “It’s one of my favorite events and brings out a lot of students to experience foods and cultures they may not have heard of before.”

The dinner is just one part of International Student Week at WVU Tech. The ISO will team up with the Student Activities Board to show the French film “Amelie” on Tuesday evening and the organization is working on other events throughout the week.

WVU Tech fosters an inclusive, diverse campus and its student body represents more than 20 countries.