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WVU Tech Leadership Role Receives Title Change

WVU Tech’s campus leadership role, formally known as the Transitional Campus Executive Officer (CEO), has changed to Campus President.

The result of the passage of Senate Bill 483 during the legislative session, the title change aims to provide consistency within higher education naming conventions and eliminate confusion.

The title change affects both WVU Tech and Potomac State College leadership positions and, with approval from West Virginia University President Gordon Gee, took effect on Tuesday, April 1.

WVU Tech students, faculty and staff gathered in the Bears Den this afternoon to celebrate President Long’s announcement.

“We know you prefer to shine the spotlight on your students, but it is only fitting that today the spotlight shine on you,” said President Gee in a letter to WVU Tech President Carolyn Long. “Your commitment to education is one that I value and respect. And I thank you for your dedication to this University and your students.”

For President Long, the new title doesn’t change her outlook on her work at WVU Tech. As she shared in her comments to the campus during today’s celebration, “I’m no different today than I was yesterday. What an honor it is to be here with the people that help us do everything we do here but, most importantly, the real reason I’m here is each and every one of you.”

“I am honored to be a member of the WVU Tech community and to continue our efforts to recruit, retain, and rebuild,” she said in an email to WVU Tech faculty and staff. “We will work together to continue our commitment to students and the high quality of education and service they receive.”

Check out a video from today’s announcement on Instagram.