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WVU Tech Associate Provost meets welcoming Alumni deep in the heart of Texas

Recently, Associate Provost, Garth Thomas, traveled to Texas to meet and greet some of WVU Tech’s faithful alumni who reside in the Longhorn State.

The Texas Chapter of the WVU Tech Alumni hosted a dinner at Brady’s Landing Restaurant in Houston on April 10. During the event, which had 26 alumni plus their guests in attendance, Thomas presented a certificate of appreciation to Valori Ranson for her work on the WVU Tech Chem E Advisory Board and as the Texas Chapter Alumni president.

Thomas also provided the gathering with an update on events on the Montgomery campus. “I had a great time meeting Tech’s alumni and was honored to be asked to speak. I enjoyed talking with former students who share a passion for this University,” he said.

During the event, Alysia Bucci, alumni chapter secretary, gave an update on the Texas chapter. The group is for alumni and friends of West Virginia Tech or WVU Tech, who are interested in maintaining contact with each other, meeting on a regular basis, promoting WVU Tech, networking, and/or finding old friends. Of the 200 alumni in Texas that the chapter is aware of, 100 alums live in Houston and 50 in the Dallas area.

“I was privileged to be the representative of our University at the dinner,” added Thomas, “It is proof positive that there are friends of Tech out there who care about this institution and it’s continued growth and success.”