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Faculty and Students Face Off in Ultimate Frisbee Match

On Thursday, October 15, nearly 20 WVU Tech faculty members, staff and students laced up their sneakers and took to Martin Field to face off in an Ultimate Frisbee match.

Hosted by the WVU Tech Sports Studies Club, the match pitted faculty against students in a friendly game designed to get attendees outside and interacting with the club.

Laura Spiers, teaching assistant professor in the Sports Studies department and advisor to the Sports Studies Club, said that the event was one of many the organization plans for the year to both get students involved and increase the visibility of the club on campus.

“We thought it was important to get students out here to do something active, connect with faculty and learn more about the club,” said Spiers. “We’re very pleased with the turnout and hope to do more of this kind of event throughout the year.”

The group has a number of events planned, including Tech madness on October 22, intramural events and a shoe drive that has currently surpassed its donation goal and will run until November 15.

LaKisha Adkins, an athletic coaching education major and basketball player at WVU Tech, said that being a member of the Sports Studies Club has motivated her to get involved.

“We have a lot of different students in the group, so it’s been nice to meet new people and to work on projects that keep us involved with different things around campus,” she said.

Spiers said that the Sports Studies Club is always accepting new students. Interested students can contact Spiers at The group meets every other Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in the Baisi Athletic Center Hall of Fame Room.

Students won the match 10-6. A rematch (at the demand of the faculty team) is scheduled for the spring semester.

Check out photos from the event on Flickr.