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Celebrating Tutors and Their Powerful Impact on Students

WVU Tech’s peer tutors are a rare breed. Half student, half teacher, these volunteers excel in their fields and still find the time to help others do the same. This October 19-23, WVU Tech is celebrating Tutor Appreciation Week to recognize those tutors who give of their time and talents to help other students succeed in the classroom.

Throughout the week, the Student Success Center (SSC) and Student Support Services (SSS) are teaming up to offer events and contests (see schedule below) that honor WVU Tech’s tutors and give students a chance to show their appreciation for these dedicated students.

“Peer tutoring is a powerful tool for college students because it offers so many benefits,” said Kelly Hudgins, Director of the WVU Tech Student Success Center. “It reinforces foundational concepts and teaches students study skills they’ll use in every subject. It boosts confidence, which leads to better grades and a higher likelihood that students will retain what they learn.”

“We’re excited to celebrate our tutors – not just this week, but every day they take the time to sit down and help their fellow students,” she said.

The SSS and SSC are also working with the English Department for a weeklong poetry contest. Participants are encouraged to write a poem to thank a tutor, to celebrate how tutoring has helped the writer or to encourage others to give tutoring a try.

Poetry contest forms can be picked up in the English Department’s offices on the third floor of COBE, at the SSC or at the SSS offices on the third floor of Old Main. The contest will offer prizes for first ($50 Barnes and Noble gift certificate), second ($25 Amazon gift certificate) and third place ($15 Dining Dollars to use at the SSC Vending Café). Poems are due to the SSC, office 327 by Wednesday, October 21. Winners will be announced at 1 p.m. during Tutor Bingo on Friday.

Students are also encouraged to write thank-you notes to their tutors by Thursday, October 22. Thank-you cards will available throughout the week at the SSC front desk.

Tutor Appreciation Week schedule of events:

Monday, October 19
Hats off to our tutors!
Wear a WVU Tech hat on campus to show your appreciation for our tutors.

Tuesday, October 20
Donut you know we appreciate you a hole lot!
Meet WVU Tech’s tutors in the SSS lobby (3rd floor, Old Main) for coffee and donuts! From 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Thursday, October 22
Thank you Thursday
Thank you notes to tutors will be delivered by SSC staff. Cards will be available at the SSC front desk. Be sure to write your tutor a thank-you note and leave your note at the SSC front desk.

Friday, October 23
Tutor BINGO!
Visit the Bears Den from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for a game of tutor-themed BINGO.