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WVU Tech Among "Colleges Where Graduates Get the Most Bang for Their Buck" [Huffington Post]

WVU Tech was among a mere handful of colleges mentioned in the 2015 Huffington Post article, “Colleges Where Graduates Get the Most Bang for Their Buck,” which detailed PayScale’s 2015 College Return on Investment Report.

In that report, WVU Tech is ranked number six in the nation for student return on investment.

The article also included remarks from Lydia Frank, PayScale’s Director of Editorial and Marketing, who said that these returns are driven by the kind of high-paying jobs STEM graduates from universities like WVU Tech are finding.

“Some of these public schools that tend to be on the top are also schools that tend to specialize in STEM fields. For a student who attends that school, the return they’re going to see for that investment is higher than for students at a high-cost private school and majoring in something that’s a lower-earning field.’”

WVU Tech was mentioned in this article with 14 other schools from around the nation and was the only school in West Virginia to make the list.

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