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West Virginia Power Visits WVU Tech for Internship and Employment Information Session

Representatives from The West Virginia Power minor league baseball program will visit Montgomery to discuss upcoming employment and internship opportunities in an information session open to all interested students. The session will be hosted on Tuesday, March 3 at 1 p.m. in Orndorff Room 1200.

Tim Mueller, General Manager at West Virginia Power, will address attending students during the session, where he will share information on his career in professional sports, internship and summer employment opportunities for WVU Tech students and the types of job opportunities available to graduates with internship experience with a professional team.

“This is a unique opportunity to partner with one of our local businesses and enhance educational opportunities for our students,” said Dr. Sandra Elmore, Professor and Chair of the Department of Sports Studies.

Dr. Elmore said that The West Virginia Power offers internships to a wide range of students – not just those studying sports-related fields – and that the information session is a great opportunity for students of any major to find out more.

“The possible summer employment and assignment of internship experiences will benefit Sport Management and Athletic Coaching Education majors, as well as students in Business Management and related fields,” she said.