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WVU Tech Student-Athletes Among First Responders During Train Derailment

In last week’s Charleston Gazette, sports editor/columnist Mitch Vingle shared some good news about WVU Tech student-athletes and how they stepped up to help out during the recent train derailment.

The following is an excerpt from the Thursday, February 19, 2015 column.

”...Allow me to give you a ‘good’ news item. I’ll even count them as three good news items.

They are Arik McGinnis, Craig Johnson and Jordon Mounts.

You’ve no doubt read about Monday’s trail derailment in Fayette County that resulted in fire and an explosion. Well, McGinnis, Johnson and Mounts were among the first responders as volunteers for the Montgomery Fire Department. They also happen to play baseball for WVU Tech.

‘I’m proud of all three guys for stepping forward and their commitment to helping with the crisis,’ said Tech baseball coach Lawrence Nesselrodt.

McGinnis is a sophomore pitcher from Valley, while Johnson is a senior pitcher from Chapmanville and Mounts is a sophomore pitcher from Tug Valley.

‘I’m certainly proud of them for stepping up,’ Nesselrodt said.

As well he should.”

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