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WVU Tech Staff Help Students Dig Out from Winter Storm

When classes were cancelled for the remainder of the week due to an off-campus incident and water outage, students were given the option to be transported to Beckley for residential accommodations or go home for the remainder of the week. Students who opted to go home found it difficult to dig their cars out from the many inches of snow that fell in this week’s winter storm. That is, until they received help from three dedicated WVU Tech staff members – Roger Koch, Roy Ford and Keith Cottrell.


WOWK’s Nicky Walters reports, ”...[No] water wasn’t the only problem, students were also dealing with the weather as they were trying to leave town. 
To the average Joe, these three guys might not look like angels. but try looking at them through the eyes of a stranded college student and you might see them a little differently…One by one, Roger, Keith and Roy shoveled and shoved, helping nervous students get out of a tough spot.”

Check out the full video on WOWK TV 13.