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College of Engineering Hosts Student Design Exposition

On Thursday, April 23, more than 20 teams of WVU Tech engineering students will showcase a variety of design projects during the first WVU Tech College of Engineering Design Exposition . The event will be hosted in the WVU Tech Ballroom beginning at 1 p.m.

The expo will feature class and senior capstone projects – some of them more than a year in the making – from mechanical, chemical, electrical and civil engineering students. Attendees will be able to visit poster displays and discuss project plans, models or prototypes with exhibitors.

Dr. Farshid Zabihian, the expo’s organizer and assistant professor in the WVU Tech Department of Mechanical Engineering, said that the goal of the exposition is to recognize students for the time and work they put into these important projects that often serve as the culmination of an engineering student’s undergraduate career.

“Many of our students are doing very good work that goes well beyond expectations for a student capstone project. Outside of the classroom, many of these projects are unnoticed,” he said.

“Another part of this is generational. Freshmen, sophomore and junior students have an opportunity to visit this expo to see what others are doing, hopefully get inspired, make more informed decisions and prepare themselves for the topics they find interesting,” he said.

Dr. Zabihian said that he hopes to continue the expo on an annual basis and incorporate more elements, such as high school visits and award categories, into future expositions.

The exposition is hosted by the WVU Tech Department of Mechanical Engineering and coordinated by students Raul Torres and Tavon Johnson.