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WVU Tech to Offer Forensics Investigation Program

West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WVU Tech) will be partnering with Mountain State University (MSU) to offer a forensics investigation program as part of MSU’s teach-out plan required by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The teach-out plan is contingent upon HLC approval.

WVU Tech intends to immediately begin the necessary procedure to permanently add this new degree program to its academic majors offered by the College of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences. The program addition supports WVU Tech CEO Carolyn Long’s ongoing strategic vision to “Recruit. Retain. Rebuild.”

Former MSU Associate Professor of Forensics Andrew Wheeler will be joining the WVU Tech faculty as a visiting associate professor beginning August 16, 2012. He will be facilitating the teach-out plan for all MSU students, as well as assisting WVU Tech in pursuing permanent approval of the program.

Wheeler explained, “The MSU forensic program was an exceptionally strong offering. The program has resulted in published research, dozens of students working in investigative careers and others pursuing graduate education. The academic resources that WVU Tech brings to this program will serve to make this program even stronger and will give MSU students an incredible opportunity to complete their degree in a rich academic environment.”

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science degree in forensic investigation applies scientific methods and philosophy for both civil and criminal legal investigations. The teach-out plan will honor WVU Tech’s existing general education requirements and will utilize many of the University’s existing courses.

“This program complements several of our existing academic offerings including psychology and criminal justice. We believe this will be a great asset for the College,” said Dr. Stephen Brown, dean of the WVU Tech College of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences.

MSU students interested in continuing in the forensic investigation program should contact the WVU Tech Office of Admissions and Recruitment at 1.888.554.8324 or for transfer information.