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Best. Party. Ever. ACM's TechLAN Returns for Fall Gaming Glory

The WVU Tech chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery will host TechLAN this Saturday and Sunday, October 25-26 in the Tech Center Ballroom. The LAN party allows gamers to join one another on a local network to play games, compete in tournaments, meet fellow gamers and win prizes.

“The LAN party is a great way to socialize with people from the school and the surrounding community. You get to play great games while meeting a variety of people,” said WVU Tech ACM President, Richard Murdock.

Participants are welcome to play any game they choose, though there will be scheduled tournaments for select games. Early event activities, starting Friday, October 24, include early registration and setup, a FIFA 15 console tournament (ACM provides hardware and games) and a costume contest.

“While most modern games allow people to play online, there’s something more meaningful and memorable about playing these games together in person. A student who has never attended a LAN party will see a ton of people playing computer and console games together. It’s quite an incredible sight,” said Dr. Matthew Williamson, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems.

Participating students will need to bring a desktop or laptop computer (it doesn’t need to be the best or the most expensive – just capable of playing games), with gaming software already installed and adequate anti-virus software. For more information, visit TechLAN’s rules page or the N00b guide.

Students can register for TechLAN at General admission is $10 and bonus packages run from $15-$40 depending on selected options such as early equipment set-up, dual monitor use, pizza packages and chances at better prizes. Attendees are guaranteed to win a raffle prize, which include computer hardware, accessories and unique items. Visit the ACM store page for more info.

Dr. Williamson said that TechLAN is also an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the ACM, which hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

“ACM provides students opportunities for advancing their interest in computer science,” he said. “One key event is the regional programming competition, where our students test their problem-solving skills against some of the top schools in the nation.”

“ACM also hosts several events that bring together people who have a similar interest in computing. Through these events, students get to learn new aspects of computing they may not be able to see in the classroom.”

Any student can join the ACM, regardless of major, and interested students can speak with any of the group’s officers: Richard Murdock, Thomas Baker, Michael Sansone or Josh Sizemore.

For WVU Tech students like Murdock, the ACM is much more than a group of computer fans.

“Joining the ACM is like becoming part of a family, if someone in the organization is struggling, there is a person there that will be able to make sure they get the help they need,” he said.

TechLAN is sponsored by WVU Tech, AMG Network Hosting, Fast Signs, Rival Cards and Games, AFK Games, GameStop and Foodland.