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National Resident Assistant Appreciation Day

Today is National Resident Assistant Appreciation Day and at WVU Tech, we would like to acknowledge thirteen Golden Bears who go above and beyond to make living on campus an experience worth remembering.

Our resident assistants (RAs) wear a lot of hats. Trained in conflict resolution, diversity and safety, they keep residence halls running smoothly. Beyond their residence hall duties, they serve as wellness coordinators, hall council representatives, community service organizers, tour guides and team-builders.

“Being an RA has become a competitive and prestigious opportunity on campus,” said Resident Director Michael Sheldon. “It’s a learning opportunity and a chance to contribute to campus culture.”

Resident Director Emily Sands said that Tech RAs have become role models on campus, promoting a diverse and active campus community while leading by example.

“The resident assistants are out there improving campus culture and experiences for all students on campus every day,” she said.

Balancing RA duties with athletics, student organizations, volunteerism and a social life, they boast a combined 3.2 GPA – a fine example indeed.

So, if you see an RA on campus today, let them know how important they are to the life we’ve come to love here at WVU Tech.

Maclin Resident Assistants:
Haley Pauley – Health Services Administration
Rami Shamout – Civil Engineering
Tyler Fabian – History and Government
Tavon Johnson – Mechanical Engineering
Alex Moore – Athletic Coaching Education
Taylor Miltenberger – Pre-Medicine
Edson Borja – Mechanical Engineering

Ratliff Resident Assistants:
Dan Eisenberg – Criminal Justice
Breigh Renner – Chemical Engineering
Summer Stokley – Criminal Justice
Neal Edwards – Biology 
Juan Suarez – Mechanical Engineering
Zachary Carnahan – Civil Engineering