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WVU Tech 2020 Provides Strategic Plan for the Future

West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WVU Tech) has announced the launch of a revised Strategic Plan entitled “WVU Tech 2020” which complements the WVU 2020 Strategic Plan. The plan is specifically tailored to the campus’s unique mission in the WVU system: providing a small college, four-year baccalaureate experience with an emphasis on majors in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines in addition to majors in business, humanities, social sciences, sports studies and nursing.

The plan outlines a renewed mission and vision for the University: To provide an accessible and supportive environment in which students are guided to be active and contributing members of society by fostering intellectual and personal growth through comprehensive educational experiences. The institution’s vision is to become a nationally-recognized and preeminent regional undergraduate STEM teaching institution with well-balanced curricula across diverse academic disciplines.

“WVU Tech has entered an exciting era of revival and rededication,” said CEO Carolyn Long. “The campus is experiencing tremendous growth, and as a result, has a renewed sense of purpose and direction.”

In 2010 the University launched the 2015 Strategic Plan, which centered on seven strategic initiatives from which seven work-groups were formed each lead by a member of the WVU Tech Executive Team. The Tech Revitalization project and the launching of the WVU 2020 Strategic Plan provided Tech with new directions to explore and launched a new planning process, which flows from the Year 1 progress on the original 5-year plan. The WVU Tech 2020 Plan is being led by a steering committee with representatives from across campus.

“We encourage all alumni, faculty, staff, friends and students to share their thoughts with us,” explained Dr. Lisa Ferrara, WVU Tech professor and chair of biology and strategic planning coordinator. “Our vision will only become a reality with the input and hard work of everyone.”