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Tech Golden Bear Alumni Association Launches Welcome Wall Project

The Tech Golden Bear Alumni Association (TGBAA) has officially begun its inaugural fundraising efforts for a new Welcome Wall at the campus entrance of West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WVU Tech).

“We have taken on this project because we see this as a way to create a legacy for all of us that love Tech,” said Steve Claywell, ‘74, TGBAA President. “With this project, our names will forever be linked with Tech through a one-time donation to the school that taught us so much.”

The Welcome Wall will be placed on the former site of the CoEd residence hall greeting visitors as they cross the bridge into Montgomery, W.Va. Alumni and friends can preserve their memories and leave a legacy for future generations at WVU Tech by purchasing a 4”x8” paver to construct the Welcome Wall. For $100, individuals can purchase a paver engraved with their message to support the project.

Tech alumni John Jarrett, ‘84, of Jarrett Construction and Ed Robinson, ‘69, of E.L. Robinson Engineering have partnered with the TGBAA to create conceptual renderings of the Wall. Jarrett has also volunteered to oversee construction of the project.

Claywell added, “CoEd gave us memories that are still with us today. It was the place where we made lifelong friends, fell in love (maybe even fell out of love), pulled all-nighters and relaxed after long classes and activities. What better way to honor those memories than through this project.”

For more information on the project, or to purchase a brick paver, please call 304.442.3131. Online ordering is also available.