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Upperclassmen and Alumni Share Advice with New Students

During Orientation Weekend, we asked our upperclassmen and alumni to share tips and advice with new students using Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #wvutech2017. The overwhelming responses included:

  • Enjoy every moment. Four years from now you’ll realize this was the best time of your life.
  • Get to know your professors. They will be your best resources and advocates when it comes time to look for a job.
  • The best spots to study are in the math lab and Student Success Center.
  • The class of 2017 is so lucky they have more resources now than I did. USE THEM!
  • You definitely have to go to Burger Carte and get a milkshake your first year!
  • In your first year you MUST go visit Cantrell Miller in Career Services and grab a bite to eat at Benny’s!
  • It is what your make it you decide your life here so go out and decide for yourself why Tech in loved.
  • Remember it because you won’t find a better place than this one.

The incoming freshman also got involved by tweeting and posting pictures of their new dorm rooms and the friends they have made.

This social media campaign was a way for the new faces on campus to get to know their fellow Golden Bears and to become involved on campus. For first time college students, making the transition can be hard. At WVU Tech, we want to do all we can to make the college experience a great one.

It was wonderful to see all the excitement happening on campus this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing what this first week holds for all of the students at WVU Tech!