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WVU Tech Classified Staff Council Endorse Revitalization Committee's Work

The West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WVU Tech) Classified Staff Council, whose members include the full-time classified staff, has prepared the following fully endorsed statement:

The Staff would like to acknowledge the Revitalization Committee’s time and effort to date, as well as the valued leadership of Chairman Hendrickson, Chancellor Hill, and CEO Long.

The Staff want it to be publicly known that they appreciate and support the hard work, dedication, and commitment to WVU Tech by the Revitalization Committee and Subcommittees.

The Classified Staff Council want it to be known that we support the recommendations set forth for improving the Tech Campus by the Revitalization Committee and the Subcommittees. We believe the recommendations set forth by the Committees are in the best interest of the institution, as well as in the best interest of the faculty, staff, and our students, both present and future.

It is our belief that only through the support of all constituencies at WVU Tech can we help to revitalize WVU Tech with the goal of regaining WVU Tech’s status, once again, as an innovative student-centered institution to serve as a model for other institutions across the nation.