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WVU Tech receives ETAP power lab software donation valued at nearly $125,000

West Virginia University Institute of Technology recently received an ETAP power lab software package for use in the department of electrical and computer engineering. The donation by Operation Technology, Inc., includes a lifetime license allowing up to 20 students to work concurrently and is valued at nearly $125,000.

“The ETAP software package is one of the leading packages used both nationally and internationally by the well-renowned electrical power systems industries,” explained Dr. Surinder Ram, professor of electrical and computer engineering, who facilitated the donation.

The academic edition of the ETAP Enterprise Solution provides educational institutions with access to the latest technology for the design, modeling, simulation and operation of electrical power systems. Blending ETAP into standard power system curriculum gives students an excellent opportunity to learn and apply essential power system concepts utilizing the most sophisticated electrical engineering software package available for offline solutions.

Dr. Stephen Goodman, chair of the department of electrical and computer engineering, said, “We’re grateful for this gift since it allows us to bring more of the latest technology into our classrooms.”