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Payment Deadline Clarification

We want to clarify a communication that you may have recently received from WVU Student Accounts. The communication stated that August 13, 2014 is the deadline for paying 60% of your balance, which is accurate. However, the class drop date that was provided was incorrect. If you have not paid 60% of your balance by August 25, you will be dropped from classes.

Additionally, some student accounts reflected incorrect housing costs. Current and accurate housing costs are provided here.

Paper bills are not provided unless requested. To view your student account balance and/or to make a payment, log in to STAR, select “Student Services & Housing,” “Student Accounts” and then click on “Electronic Bill by Term/Make Payment.”

We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding. If you have questions about your student account, contact WVU Tech Financial Aid at 304.442.3228. If you have questions about housing, contact my office at 304.442.3158.

Thank you for your understanding.

Richard Carpinelli
WVU Tech Dean of Students