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WVU Tech campus to go tobacco-free January 1

WVU Tech reminds employees, students and visitors that tobacco use will be prohibited on the Tech campus beginning Wednesday, January 1, 2014. WVU Tech Campus Executive Officer Carolyn Long approved the tobacco-free policy Tuesday, December 17, 2013. The policy will extend to all premises owned, operated, leased or occupied by WVU Tech and will include any street, road, or thoroughfare immediately adjacent to or passing through WVU Tech owned property. Signs posted at vehicular and pedestrian entryways into campus will remind everyone that the University is tobacco-free.

The recommendation for a tobacco-free policy came from a constituency-based committee comprised of faculty, staff and students. The committee provided routine updates of its work, and held public forums on campus to gather input. Before finalizing the new policy, a formal, 30-day public comment period was utilized to gain additional feedback. After reviewing all the feedback received, the committee recommended a couple of revisions to the final policy.

Cessation programs and resources will be available to employees and students. To learn about these options, visit the WVU Employee Wellness cessation section. Those programs are free for employees or are reimbursable by insurance. Students can utilize cessation programs through WELLWVU.

The new policy is available online .

CEO Carolyn Long said, “We know it will take a little time for the campus community to get used to the new policy, and we hope the entire community will cooperate during the period of adjustment. I wish to thank everyone who participated in the process of becoming a tobacco-free campus.”