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WVU Tech Students Offer Support and Perspective of Revitalization Efforts

On Tuesday, October 9, 2012, the West Virginia University Institute of Technology Student Government Association unanimously voted to support the WVU Tech Revitalization Committee’s work and expressed their support of the WVU Tech administration’s leadership during this process.

SGA prepared the following statement offering students’ view of the Revitalization efforts:

There has been quite a lot of publicity lately surrounding the work of the WVU Tech Revitalization Committee. However, the WVU Tech Student Government Association has noticed that there has been no mention of the views of those perhaps most directly affected by the work of the committee – WVU Tech students. Faculty, alumni, and even residents of the city of Montgomery have been mentioned with respect to their views on the plan, but those who actually attend WVU Tech have not. Students definitely want support from their alumni and the community surrounding us. We would be nothing without them. However, right now, this is our time. Robin Davis, president of the WVU Tech Student Government Association, says, “We as students are the heart and soul of Tech. The attitude at Tech, events, and experience all stems from our students.”

Every student at Tech knows ab
out the Tech Revitalization Plan, and it is a common topic of discussion among said students. We all know Tech is on the verge of change, and we wholeheartedly support that change. We are thrilled to see money being requested to update facilities such as Orndorff Hall and Ratliff Residence Hall. We believe that along with the physical changes at Tech, an attitude change is coming as well. Students are optimistic and are looking to the future with excitement.

The wonderful thing about time is that it constantly changes, giving us opportunities for improvement and growth. While Tech may have had certain outlooks, purposes, and goals in previous years, they will always change with the times. Tech currently has the opportunity to re-create itself into something bigger and better. Students are looking forward into helping mold Tech into something bigger and better, if given the opportunity. Davis supports more student involvement, saying, “We as students are the future, future alumni, future recruiters, and future Tech supporters. If we can get these students involved in all the changes and give them a stake in the future of Tech, they will feel Tech is a part of them for the years to come. When they come back for homecomings and other Tech events, they can say ‘I helped develop that’.” Davis goes on to say, “I fully support the changes set forth by the Revitalization Committee but it is only a start. Tech is heading in the right direction but this isn’t an overnight change. If we can all find a way to work together, we will all see the benefits. As Tech grows and succeeds, the students, the community and everyone in the Tech family will grow and succeed.”

The WVU Tech SGA is committed to working together with faculty, staff and all others who believe in the promise of WVU Tech. We appreciate the dedication and leadership of Chairman Hendrickson, Chancellor Hill and CEO Long and look forward to working with them to provide our strong voice in helping shape the future of WVU Tech.