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WVU Tech's campus-wide Strategic Plan for 2015 goes On-line

The West Virginia University Institute of Technology’s Campus Provost, Dr. Scott Hurst, is pleased to announce that WVU Tech’s campus-wide strategic plan for 2015 is now available on-line.

“I am proud to say that the entire Tech community was involved in contributing to our strategic planning process. Tech’s faculty, staff, and student organizations have all approved the strategic plan. Part of its success is because we communicated honestly, openly and transparently at all times. The WVU Tech community is fully committed to the hard work ahead to achieve our vision,” states Hurst.

This on-line document is based on months of work that began in December 2009 and January 2010, when WVU Tech’s Cabinet members attended a strategic planning retreat. Following those meetings with key administrators and staff, WVU Tech developed its “2015 Vision Statement.” A series of public meetings presented this vision to the greater WVU Tech community of faculty, staff, students, and others.

“WVU Tech’s Classified Staff Council and Faculty Assembly unanimously approved the “2015 Vision Statement” and our Student Government Association passed a resolution of support for the Strategic Planning Process,” Hurst adds.

He continues, “Seven key initiatives were identified to make the vision and strategic plan a reality. Each initiative was developed in a workgroup that consisted of volunteers from our community and was facilitated by a workgroup leader. These workgroups met this spring to add to and articulate each initiative. The initiatives are interdependent, with the success of one area heavily dependent on the success of the other areas. “

WVU Tech’s on-line document provides an outline of the goals and timetables for each of the seven initiatives to achieve the 2015 vision.

“I look forward with great enthusiasm to collaborating again, and over the long term, with people who are keenly dedicated to making Tech stronger and better than it is today,” says Hurst.